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Our fragrances are of the same high quality as the branded fragrances. Our philosophy is that you wear the fragrance, not the packaging, branding & advertising. By removing these expensive components, we’re able to bring you luxurious fragrances at affordable prices.

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All our fragrances are oil-based. We use only super A-Grade fragrance oils sourced directly from the fragrance capital of the world, Grasse in France.

Why choose the Perfume Den?

Our fragrances are equivalent to & are inspired by the original designer fragrances and have a long-lasting power. Our fragrances contain a mixture of essential oils and alcohol, with the essential oil providing the fragrance and the alcohol aiding the dispersal of the fragrance. Alcohol helps the fragrance to emanate from your skin.

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Eau de Colognes have a concentration of 5%, Eau de Toilettes up to 14%, Eau de Parfum from 15-20%, with the strongest concentration being Parfum between 20-25%. The Perfume Den’s fragrances fall into the Parfum range.