Our Perfumes are locally manufactured in East London
Will be available soon.

Please check back shortly for our factory.


Tel: 043 743 6185

Email: ordersperfume@telkomsa.net

Contact person: Sharon Penny

Factory operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 07h00 – 16h30

Saturdays/Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed


When placing your order, please provide us with the following information:

  • Your name, full delivery address and contact numbers
  • The fragrance, size and quantity required
  • Indicate your preferred delivery method and whether you require insurance

Please wait to be issued a payment reference number and the amount due before making payment.

Please use the payment reference and your name on the EFT transfer.

Orders and proof of payment can be forwarded to the following:
Email: ordersperfume@telkomsa.net


WhatsApp: 083 668 0439


Standard Bank

Account Number: 042 043 204

Vincent Branch

Branch Code: 05-37-21




We arrange for transport to any part of the country at a nominal charge of R100 per order under 5kgs.  Orders over 5kgs are charged per weight.



You may arrange for a Courier to collect your goods on your behalf.


Please speak to your Courier about insuring your goods against loss or damage, as we cannot be held accountable once the goods have left our premises.


UNBRANDED STOCK – Put your own branding on.  For agents wanting to resell, simply request that we do not put our labels on the product and we will gladly assist.